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"The largest factor in the rise in mean age at first birth is the decline in the proportion of first births to mothers under age 20, down 42% from 2000 to 2014, or from approximately 1 in 4 births to 1 in 7," the CDC reported.
This is also confirmed by the mean age at first birth. The MAFB value among religious women reached about 19 years and for non-religious women it was almost 22.5 year.
Sexual activity and fertility characteristics of young Ugandan women Characteristic N % or mean Mean age at first sex 582 15.4 (15.3-15.6) Age at first sex <15 169 30.1 (25.7-34.8) 15.17 335 58.2 (53.4-62.9) [greater than or equal to]18 78 11.7 (9.2-14.8) Mean age at first birth 609 16.9 (16.7-17.1) Total no.
Women living in communities in Zimbabwe in which there was a reported higher mean age at first birth in years were significantly more likely to report birth intervals of less than 24 months than 25-38 months (RRR 1.24, 95% CI 1.01-1.51, p = 0.037).
Following the same formula, the adjusted proportions for women in zero parity in the ages between 15 to 34 (or less than 35) have been used to estimate 01e mean age at first birth occurring before age 35.
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