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MHTLMean High Tide Line
MHTLMethanol Holdings Trinidad Ltd.
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MHTLMicro House Technical Library (database)
MHTLMotorola High Threshold Logic
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We used tidal data recorded by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (at Cedar Key, FL, and Lewes, DE) to calculate mean high tide line (MHTL) for each.
The mean nesting distances were not significantly different from the mean high tide line (MHTL) in FL or DE (t-test, P [is greater than] 0.
Commissioner Gil Waters said the hearings held by the city commission had "clearly shown that the establishment of a bulkhead line anywhere but at the mean high tide line would result in dredging and/or filling of bottom lands that provide nourishment to the marine life that is a vital element of our community.
The beach stretches beyond for miles, but on it you must stay below the mean high tide line.