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MHWLMean High Water Line
MHWLMinistry of Health, Welfare and Labor (Japan)
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The state holds all land waterward of the mean high water line in trust for the use and enjoyment of the people.
It explained that under the public trust doctrine, the state holds the lands seaward of the mean high water line, including the beaches between the mean high and low water lines, in trust for the public for the purposes of bathing, fishing, and navigation.
Further, the language in Sand Key, appearing to indicate there is a littoral property right to always have contact with the mean high water line, was dicta, and if it was, the law would contradict the established Florida law on avulsion.
Positioning the discs above the mean high water line keeps the discs out of the water most of the time and minimizes disruption on the longshore movement of sand.
the public trust doctrine vested the state with ownership of the beds of tidal waters below the mean high water line, and of nontidal, navigable waters, below the ordinary high water line.
Based on conversations with a number of state employees whose jobs are to make sovereign lands determinations, this definition appears to be what has been adopted by the state and would include all lands below the mean high water line on tidally influenced waters, i.