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With the advancing health care system, the mean life expectancy in Pakistan has increased to 66.7 years,2 consequently increasing the prevalence of diseases related to the elderly population, such as Alzheimer's Dementia.
The mean life expectancy of the injured party at the point of the PPO settlement was shown to be 42 years.
The daily mortality was recorded till all females died and life table was constructed (15) including the mean life expectancy at the female zero age day (i.e.
One study of a group of Australopithecines from the South African Pleistocence showed a nearly 12-year decrease in mean life expectancy associated with early enamel defects.
a is the intercept (the mean life expectancy for the same SES group in 1970)
The mean life expectancy gained in individuals 80 and older would be just a few months, or 1.7% of their remaining life expectancy--not so very different from younger patients.
Danish online news service DR Nyheder reports that the study, HealthFocus, helps to explain why the mean life expectancy is shorter in Denmark than in the other Nordic countries.
The relationship between mean and median prices may be counterintuitive given that the mean life expectancy is longer than the median and therefore expected to be associated with a lower price.
(3.) P values are very sensitive to sample size A small difference between 2 treatments that is clinically insignificant (eg, 1-week difference in mean life expectancy between 2 lipid-lowering treatments) may have a statistically significant P value (ie, <.05) if the sample size is large enough.
All week long I had been pondering that much-discussed letter in The New England Journal of medicine suggesting that, on the basis of a survey of some deaths in Southern California, left-handers had a mean life expectancy of 66.