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The aim of this study was to quantitate the differences between basal and luminal cells of PIN in relation to mean nuclear volume ([v.sub.V]nuc), and proliferating cell nuclear antigen labeling index ([LI.sub.PCNA]), and to compare these estimates with those obtained in normal prostate and carcinoma.
The average volume-weighted mean nuclear volume ([v.sub.V]nuc) was performed using the point sampled intercept method (Howard et al., 2005), that estimates from two-dimensional images, the volume of three-dimensional structures, giving greater chance of volume estimation to particles of greater size.
The aim of this study was to quantitate the relationship between the stereological estimation of mean nuclear volume weighted by volume ([v.sub.V]nuc) and the cell proliferation measured by immunohistochemical detection of PCNA, in basal and luminal (columnar) cells of PIN, in comparison to normal prostate epithelium, and prostate carcinoma.
Prognostic criteria in patients with prostate cancer: correlation with volume-weighted mean nuclear volume. J Urol 154:2123-7.
The mean nuclear volume of Leydig cells and gonocytes was measured using the stereology program, which calculates volume based on the assumption that all objects are spherical.
The mean nuclear volume per Leydig cell for T testes (122 [+ or -] 14.7 [[micro]m.sup.3]), however, was similar to that for controls (112 [+ or -] 14.5 [[micro]m.sup.3]).
Again, there was no significant difference in mean nuclear volume per gonocyte between T (294.7 [+ or -] 32.7 x [10.sup.-6] [[micro]m.sup.3]) and C (310.1 [+ or -] 29.1 x [10.sup.-6] [[micro]m.sup.3]) testes.
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