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MPARMotion Physical Action Reaction
MPARMultifunction Phased Array Radar
MPARMean Perimeter-Area Ratio (physical dimensions)
MPARMarketing of Petroleum Activities Return (South Africa Petroleum Industry Association)
MPARMulti-Purpose Airport Radar
MPARMid Period Appraisal Report (British Army; UK)
MPARMid-Program Academic Retreat (Haas School of Business; Berkeley, CA)
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Out of the 21 initial variables, only 11 remained for the PCA: total forest area, number of patches, mean patch size, patch size standard deviation, mean patch edge, mean shape index, mean perimeter-area ratio, mean patch fractal dimension, Shannon's evenness index, distances between patches and Moran's I Index with four neighbors.
Mean Perimeter-Area Ratio (MPAR): a building shape measure (see Moudon 1986)