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MRTMauritania (ISO Country code)
MRTMass Rapid Transit
MRTMaster Resilience Training (US Army)
MRTMean Residence Time (pharmacokinetics)
MRTMental Retardation
MRTMidland Reporter Telegram (Midland, TX, USA)
MRTMagnet Resonanz Tomographie (German: Magnetic Resonance Imaging)
MRTMetro Rail Transit (Philippines)
MRTMalicious Software Removal Tool (Microsoft)
MRTMountain Rescue Team
MRTMinisters Responsible for Trade (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation)
MRTMultiple Requester Terminal
MRTMobile Radio Technology
MRTMalicious Software Removal Tool
MRTMultiple Render Target
MRTMagnetic Resonance Tomography
MRTMedia Richness Theory (communications)
MRTMinistry of Roads and Transportation (Iran)
MRTMuscle Response Testing
MRTMobile Radio Technology (magazine)
MRTMultiple Render Targets (computer graphics)
MRTMineral Resources Tasmania
MRTMean Radiant Temperature
MRTMyofascial Release Therapy (massage)
MRTMulti-Threaded Routing Toolkit
MRTMedical Radiation Technologist
MRTMilwaukee Repertory Theater (Milwaukee, WI)
MRTMaster Reading Teacher
MRTMarginal Rate of Transformation
MRTMobile Response Team (law enforcement; disaster preparedness; public health)
MRTMean Repair Time
MRTMedical Response Technician
MRTMean Response Time
MRTModified Rhyme Test
MRTMusic Recording Technology (various schools)
MRTMotorcycle Rider Training (safety course)
MRTMedical Response Team
MRTMagnetic Resonance Therapy
MRTMedical Radiologic Technology
MRTMary Rose Trust (UK)
MRTMeadows Race Team (formerly Meadows Amateur Ski Racing Association; Mount Hood, OR)
MRTMuseum of Radio and Technology (Huntington, West Virginia)
MRTMulti-Rate Test
MRTMarine Riser Tensioner (offshore drilling device)
MRTMarketing and Research Today
MRTMinimum Resolvable Temperature
MRTMechanical Running Test
MRTMedium Range Target
MRTMiyazaki Radio & Television (Japan)
MRTMaximum Response Time
MRTMiniature Receive Terminal
MRTMission Readiness Test
MRTMishap Response Team (NASA)
MRTMaximal Ratio Transmission
MRTAir Mauritanie, Mauritania (ICAO code)
MRTMedical Regulating Team
MRTMaster Reference Terminal
MRTMaintenance Recovery Team
MRTMiddle-Range Theory (archaeology)
MRTMulti-Rotational Trebuchet
MRTMobile Radio Telephone
MRTMilitary Rated Thrust
MRTMagnetic Resonance Technologist
MRTMovement Regulating Team
MRTMission Rehearsal Training
MRTMedizinische Resonanz Therapie
MRTManagement Responsibility Transfer
MRTMaster of Respiratory Therapy
MRTMaintainability Review Team
MRTMine Risk Reduction Teams
MRTMaintenance Response Team (railway crew)
MRTMetropolitan Rapid Transport (Taipei)
MRTMonster Race Track (game)
MRTMissile Round Transporter
MRTMilitary Ruggedized Tablet
MRTMean Restoral Time
MRTMaster in Recreation and Tourism
MRTMaintenance Requirement Substantiated
MRTMultiple Requests Terminal
MRTMean Resolvable Temperature
MRTMission Real-Time
MRTMateriel Routing Tool
MRTMaterial Readiness Test
MRTManpower Restructuring Team
MRTManpack Receive Terminal
MRTModel Reference Test
MRTMedical Record Transcriptionist
MRTMaterial Request Transaction
MRTManpower Requirements Team
MRTMission Readiness Training (US Air Force)
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In our study, mean response time (Reduction in size of lesions) in patients receiving prednisolone was 10.
The mean response times (on group level) can be observed in Figure 12, with 95 % confidence intervals.
The main goal of this strategy is to minimize the per-class mean response time.
Mean response times and standard errors as a function of self-reported strategy, problem size and arithmetic ability are given in Table 3.
Neither was there a significant difference between mean response times for the two groups and seven conditions (t (166) = 0.
TABLE 1 Mean Response Times in Milliseconds for Items on Each of the Three Word-Lists Used as part of the Emotional Stroop Assessment Nonword (XXXX) Neutral Depression Emotional Stroop Mean SD Mean SD Mean SD 590.
2] kinetics mean response time of both exercise intensities were significantly faster (p = 0.
The mean response time graph is shown in Figure 7 where each pair of the mean response time is compared at the 0.
The mean response time for a dialogue with spoken prompts was 0.
Pearson correlation coefficients and partial correlations(a) between CARS scores and cognitive performances Computer Newton Paper Cognitive tasks CARS CARS CARS Visual search(b) Mean response time (s) .