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MSEPMilitary Spouse Employment Partnership (US DoD)
MSEPMain Street Electrical Parade (Disney theme parks)
MSEPMidwest Student Exchange Program (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
MSEPMarine Safety and Environmental Protection
MSEPMinistry for Environmental Protection (Serbia)
MSEPMild Steel, Epoxy Painted
MSEPMotorSports Emporium, Inc. (stock symbol)
MSEPMaintenance Standardization & Evaluation Program (USAF)
MSEPMusic Service Evaluation Partner (UK)
MSEPMeat Safety Enhancement Program (Australia)
MSEPMean Square Error of Prediction
MSEPMedian Nerve Somatosensory Evoked Potential
MSEPMicro Separometer Rating (fuels testing)
MSEPManufacturing Systems Engineering Program
MSEPMaster of Science in Engineering Physics (University of Oldenburg, Germany)
MSEPMatawan Student Enrichment Program (Matawan, NJ)
MSEPMultiple Systems Evaluation Program
MSEPMinnesota-Midwest Student Exchange Program
MSEPMulti-Sensor Electronic Package Fuze
MSEPMarine Sciences Education Project
MSEPMarket Specific Educational Programs
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Spectral region 1727-1690 [cm.sup.-1] Factors 4 Validation standards 3 RMSEC 0.449 RMSECV 2.265 RMSEP 0.324 [R.sup.2] 0.9993 [R.sup.2] is correlation coefficient of actual and calculated values of free fatty acids concentration in the calibration set; RMSEC: root mean square error of calibration; RMSECV: root mean square error of cross-validation; RMSEP: root mean square error of prediction. TABLE 2: FFA content (Mean [+ or -] SD) of commercial and N.
At each iteration, the focus is on the residuals and root mean square error of prediction (RMSEP) reduction.