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MSRMagnetic Stripe Reader
MSRMountain Safety Research (outdoor goods manufacturer)
MSRMicrosoft Research
MSRMontserrat (ISO Country code)
MSRMulti-Standard Radio
MSRMovimiento Social Republicano (Spanish: Republican Social Movement)
MSRMessen Steuern Regeln (German: Measure, Tax, Rules)
MSRMars Sample Return (US NASA and European Space Agency)
MSRMy Starbucks Rewards (customer program)
MSRManual Sunroof
MSRMeridian System Remote
MSRMulti Service Router
MSRModel Specific Register
MSRMotor Shleppmoment Regelung
MSRMachine Specific Registers
MSRMedium Screen Rendering
MSRMicro Structure Record
MSRMicrosoft Reserved
MSRMotor Slip Regulation
MSRMinimum System Requirements
MSRMillisecond Response
MSRMain Supply Route
MSREgyptair (ICAO code)
MSRMember Service Representative
MSRMetropolis Street Racer (video game)
MSRMolten Salt Reactor
MSRModel-Specific Register
MSRMosel-Saar-Ruwer (German wine region)
MSRMedium Screen Rendering (Opera browser)
MSRMining Software Repositories (IEEE conference)
MSRMoravian-Silesian Region (Czech Republic)
MSRMean Square Residual
MSRMotor Starter
MSRMonthly Status Report
MSRMolecular Sequence Reduction (Peribit Networks, Inc.)
MSRMaintenance Service Request (various organizations)
MSRMode Status Register
MSRMission Support Request (US DoD)
MSRMedical Student Research (various schools)
MSRMinera San Rafael (Guatemalan mining company)
MSRMarch, Strathspey & Reel (bagpipe music competition)
MSRMaster/Slave Relationship (band)
MSRMinimum Size Requirement
MSRMachine State Register
MSRModélisation des Systèmes Réactifs
MSRMalicious Software Removal (Microsoft)
MSRMembrane-Spanning Region
MSRMost Serene Republic (band)
MSRMass Spectrometry Resource (various locations)
MSRMarket Street Railway (transit agency in San Francisco from the 1920s to 1940's; now a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of historic transit)
MSRMicrowave Scanning Radiometer
MSRMoisture Separator Reheater
MSRMissile Site Radar
MSRMedical Sales Representative
MSRMachine Stress Rating
MSRModern Sporting Rifle (weapon)
MSRMarket Share Reporter (business statistics)
MSRMulder/Scully Relationship (X-Files)
MSRMajor Supply Route
MSRMalaysian Society of Rheumatology
MSRMilestone Review
MSRManufacturer Supplier Relationship
MSRMaster Ship Repair
MSRMount Sunapee Resort (Newbury, NH)
MSRMulti-Sensory Room (communication)
MSRMotor Sport Ranch
MSRMobile Support Router
MSRMobile Sea Range
MSRMortgage Service Rights (mortgage banking industry)
MSRManagement Systems Review
MSRMonthly Status Review
MSRMinimum Sustaining Rate
MSRMissile Simulation Round (Army)
MSRMission Support Room (NASA)
MSRMultiservice Switch Router (Cisco)
MSRMississippi Southern Railroad
MSRMinesweeper, Patrol
MSRMaterial Status Report
MSRMaterial Site Request
MSRMalcom Smith Racing
MSRMultiple Service Ring
MSRMinimum Subdivision Regulations (land use)
MSRMutually Satisfactory Retirement (benefits program)
MSRModified Signed Rank
MSRMuscle Stretch Reflex
MSRMachine Stress-Related (lumber)
MSRManagement Status Report (Flight Projects Directorate)
MSRTorque Moment Regulation (Skoda, UK)
MSRMessage Storage and Retrieval
MSRMerge-Split Reconfiguration
MSRMotor Spin Regulator (Maserati)
MSRMaterial Ship/Shipping Reporting
MSRMachine Service Report
MSRMedia Selection Report
MSRMcDonnell Simulator Rocket
MSRMilwaukee Special Reserve (beer)
MSRMember of the Society of Radiographers (UK)
MSRMarket Service Requirement
MSRMilitary Standardization Requirement
MSRMedical Software Reviews (newsletter)
MSRMain Steam Reheater
MSRMammalian Selectivity Ratio
MSRMid Stage Right (theater)
MSRMain Shift Register
MSRMilitary Staffing Requirements
MSRMultiplicity Shift Register
MSRMeteorological Survey Radar
MSRMinimum Security Requirement
MSRMajor Structural Repair (aircraft damage repair)
MSRMSCS Status Review
MSRMultimedia Satellite Receiver
MSRMultispeed Repeater
MSRMandatory Special Requirement
MSRMilitary Service Requirement
MSRMindstate Records (Detroit, MI recording studio)
MSRMain Switch Room
MSRMaritime Security Regime
MSRMooney Stress Relaxation (elasticity measurement)
MSRMean Sub-Sequence-Reduced (voting algorithm)
MSRMechanical Strain Recorder (aircraft safety)
MSRMultiple Service Rule (Medicare Australia)
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[chi square] = chi square, df = degrees of freedom, SRMR = standardized root mean square residual, RMSEA = root mean square error of approximation, GFI = goodness-of-fit index, CFI = comparative fit index.
The root mean square residual (RMR), the standardized SRMR and root mean square error of approximation (RMSEA) were .00476, .00476, and 0.0, respectively.
Caption: Figure 4: Mean square residual versus apparent activation energy: (a) sintering temperature of 400[degrees]C, pressure of 50 MPa, and holding time of 30 min; (b) sintering temperature of 500[degrees]C, pressure of 50 MPa, and no holding time.
<3.00 Goodness-of-fit [greater than or equal to] 0/90 Adjusted goodness-of-fit [greater than or equal to] 0/80 Normed Fit Index [greater than or equal to] 0/90 Comparative Fit Index [greater than or equal to] 0/90 Root mean square residual [less than or equal to] 0/09 Root mean square error of [less than or equal to] 0/10 approximation Indices of model fit The final model Conclusion P value P = 0/51 Fit Chi-squared test/d.f.
Table 1 Second order exploratory factor analysis of entrepreneurship subscales Entrepreneurship Self-efficacy .92 Achievement motivation .88 Innovation .74 Internal locus of control .63 Optimism .60 Autonomy .55 Risk-taking .55 Stress tolerance .49 External locus of control -.35 Explained variance (%) 49.07 Goodness of FitIndex (GFI) .97 Root Mean Square Residual .07 [.06] [Standard Error]
CEs = correlated errors; S-B[chi square] = Satorra-Bentler scaled [chi square]; df = degrees of freedom; RMSEA = root mean square error of approximation; CI = confidence interval; SRMR = standardized root mean square residual; CFI = comparative fit index; NNFI = non-normed fit index.
CFI = Comparative Fit Index, RMSEA = Root Mean Square Error of Approximation, SRMR = Standardized Root Mean Square Residual. Table 4 Correlations among Latent Styles of Temperament Correlations Women Males Total Sample EIand OL .215 -.171 -.024 EI and PM .392 -.101 .134 EIand TF -.017 -.196 -.126 OL and PM .487 .377 .411 OL and TF .322 .276 .305 PM and TF .155 -.050 .002 Note.
S-B[chi square]: Satorra-Bentler scaled chi square; CFI: comparative fit index; TLI: Tucker-Lewis Index; RMSEA: root mean square error of approximation; CI: confidence interval; SRMR: standardized root mean square residual; ASR: average standardized residual; M1: six-factor model identical to the original FQQ model; M2: six-factor model with the item 21 relocated to the "Validation and Caring" subscale; M3: six-factor model with the item 21 excluded from the scale.
CFI = comparative fit index; RMSEA = root mean square error of approximation; CI = confidence interval; SRMR = standardized root mean square residual. Results indicated two noninvariant items according to the Ax2 test (p < .01).
In performing the current analyses, six statistics reflecting fit were reported: the chi-square test statistic; the ratio of chi-square statistic to degrees of freedom; the root mean square error of approximation; the Tucker Lewis Index, also known as the Non Normed Fit Index; Weighted Root Mean Square Residual; and the Comparative Fit Index as appropriate.
The Goodness of Fit Index is .938 and the Root Mean Square Residual is .061, indicating that the correlation matrix is adequately reproduced using the hypothesized path diagram and factor loadings.
The overall research model was also found to be fit for the analysis because the fitness indices showed robust results ([chi square] = 63.469, df = 40, p = .01, root mean square residual = .120, GFI = .909, adjusted goodness of fit index = .851, normed fit index = .846, incremental fit index = .937, CFI = .934).