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MSBPMerit Systems Protection Board (US government)
MSBPManagement Stock Bonus Plan
MSBPMarkov-Switching Brown-Proschan (repair model)
MSBPMean Systolic Blood Pressure
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Mean systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, fasting blood sugar and HbA1c of patients and controls were compared and found significantly higher in group-I with p-value <0.
In this study the mean Systolic blood pressure was (126-131 mmHg) and means diastolic blood pressure was (82-85mmHg), study by Shermayne et al the mean Systolic Blood pressure was (148.
6 Table 2: Risk factors and the mean systolic blood pressure Risk factors Mean systolic blood pressure (mm Hg) Alcohol Consumption present 142 Consumption Absent 133 Performed physical activity Yes 130 No 138 Smoking Yes 139 No 133 Table 3: Median score of quality of life and associated risk factors Risk factor Median score of quality of life Alcohol consumption Yes 47.
The changes in mean systolic blood pressure at various time intervals in both groups were as shown in Table No.
Mean systolic blood pressure was 2 mm Hg above baseline after 75 minutes, reported Dr.
In the responders, mean systolic blood pressure fell by 25.
Mean systolic blood pressure at baseline was 113 mm Hg, and that increased to 117 mm Hg at 6 months, a significant increase.
Had any participant's mean systolic blood pressure been above 100 mmHg, the participant would have had to be excluded.
The mean systolic blood pressure also dropped from the baseline value of 155.
The association with systolic hypertension was also noteworthy; vitamin D-deficient patients had a mean systolic blood pressure of 117 mm Hg, while those with sufficient vitamin D had a mean systolic blood pressure of 111 mm Hg.
Of 704 children (both succimer and placebo groups combined) who had blood pressure measurement at baseline, the mean systolic blood pressure was 100.