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In this paper we focus two most important QoS's metrics, namely, PLR and mean waiting time (related to system latency).
The mean waiting time was 8.07[+ or -]3.8 days in group A and 29.4[+ or -]16.1 days in group B.
* the mean waiting time of the high priority voice packets found in the queue,
Lower bounds on mean waiting time for PRT system are of a high interest in order to assess the performance of fleet management strategies in dynamic context.
As intuitively expected, the mean waiting time of an arbitrary customer increases with the increase of [lambda] for any [theta].
At baseline there was a longer mean waiting time with ambulances and PRVs; however, in both models there was a rapid decrease with the first incremental increase in vehicle numbers, followed by a series of smaller decreases with each successive addition of vehicles.
* mean waiting time in patients attending one-stop clinic for laparoscopic cholecystectomy of 10 weeks (assumed to decrease by 8 weeks)
The mean waiting time of the non real-time short job, [x.sup.NRT.sub.s] in this isolated system is the same as the mean waiting time in a SWAP(1) system with mean arrival rate and load of [[lambda].sup.NRT] and [[rho].sup.NRT] respectively.
"This will mean waiting time will probably be less if not actually existing at all."
The mean waiting time for inpatient or day case treatment has soared from 53.5 days in June 1999 to 81.3 days at the end of September last year.
Ohsfeldt reports, for example, that in 1997 the mean waiting time for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the head was 150 days in Canada, compared to three days in the U.S.