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Figure 3 shows the numerical and experimental results (case ID: M451304 through M452204) of the cross-shore variations of the wave heights (circles), the wave crest and trough levels (triangles and inverse triangles), and the mean water levels (squares) under the different wave periods when the water depth ([h.sub.0]) is 0.45 m at the offshore boundary.
The distance that the tide moves up or down from the Mean Water Level is called the amplitude of the tide, and the total vertical distance between High Water and Low Water is the tidal range.
10) depicts the local Mean Water Level; the pair of lines closest to this center line delineates the range during average tidal fluctuations in the area, and the outer pair delineates the fluctuation during large tides.
Under these conditions the semidiurnal Low Waters will occur when the diurnal tide is near Mean Water Level and both will drop to almost the same level.
The highest tides of the year occur in the late fall and early winter season, because the mean water levels are higher in winter than in summer due to world-wide shifts in atmospheric pressures.
the lowest normal tide) to levels [T.sub.HC] measured in metres from Mean Water Level at Herring Cove.
where 14.5 feet is the height of local mean water level above chart datum at Saint John.
The levels are measured from the Mean Water Level (MWL) that the water surface would assume if no tide-producing gravitational influences of Moon and Sun were present.
Thus, in tide tables, the term Mean Water Level is used.
Heights in metres above mean water level. Note that highest tides are not necessarily equinoctial.
Half the height or range of the wave, and the distance that the tide moves up or down from Mean Water Level.
Formula for absorption through skin from contaminated water is EDI = (C x P x SA x ET x EF x .0001)/BW, where C = concentration of contaminant in water (mg/L, ppm; based on mean water levels, 1953-2000); P = permeability constant, conservative measure of 1.0 cm/hr used; SA = surface area of exposed skin (average body of male > 20 years of age = 18,200 c[m.sup.2]); ET= exposure time (24 hr); EF = exposure factor (how often an individual was exposed; we used 1.0 to keep units per 24 hr; 0.001 to convert liters to c[m.sup.3]); BW= body weight (average body weight of male > 20 years of age is 70 kg.