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MFPMultifunction Printer
MFPMinisterul Finantelor Publice (Romanian: Ministry of Finance)
MFPMultifunction Peripheral
MFPMoney Follows the Person (US DHHS)
MFPMusic for Peace (performing artist network, Uganda)
MFPMerchandise Processing Fee
MFPManagement Frame Protection (software)
MFPMultifactor Productivity
MFPMain Flooding Paths
MFPManagement Frame Protection
MFPMulti Function Printer
MFPMacromedia Flash Player
MFPMacromedia Flash Paper
MFPMulti Function Peripheral
MFPMeta File Picture
MFPMulti Function Product
MFPMinisterio de Finanzas Públicas (Spanish: Ministry of Public Finance; Guatemala)
MFPMean Free Path
MFPMicro Finance Program (various organizations)
MFPMutualité Fonction Publique (French: Mutual Public Service)
MFPMaster Facilities Plan (various locations)
MFPMicrosoft FrontPage
MFPMulti-Function Product
MFPMaster Financial Professional
MFPMarematlou Freedom Party (Lesotho)
MFPMinistry Formation Program (various organizations)
MFPMatched-Field Processing (signal processing)
MFPMajor Force Program
MFPMulti-Function Polis
MFPMain Force Patrol (fictional police task force)
MFPMateriel Fielding Plan
MFPMilitary Family Program
MFPMarine Forces Pacific
MFPMulti-Filament Polypropylene
MFPMini-Flat Package
MFPMountain Falls Park (Virginia)
MFPMerchandise Financial Planning (Oracle)
MFPMountain Food Products
MFPMitzvah Food Project (Jewish project)
MFPMaster Financial Planning
MFPMuncie Free Press (Muncie, IN)
MFPMixed Fission Product(s)
MFPMain Feed Pump
MFPManufacturing Plan
MFPMobile Fire Post (Singapore Civil Defence Force)
MFPMinimal Flight Path
MFPMagnetic Field Perturbative (Method)
MFPMortar Firing Point
MFPMain Force Police
MFPMinimum Faulty Polygon
MFPMission Force Protection
MFPMulti-Camera Field Production (video shoot for live concerts/shows)
MFPMessage Preparation Facility
MFPMoisture and Fungus-Proof Paint
MFPMarine Forensics Panel
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In the last section we deduced a metric where the so called Schwarzschild radius is just the conduction's electron mean free path.
At room temperature and atmospheric pressure conditions, the mean free path of free air is ~70 nm.
In nanoporous materials the characteristic dimension of the domain is comparable to those of heat carriers, such as the mean free path of air or the average wavelength of phonon (2), (38).
If you use the wrong speed, you get the wrong mean free path," Lagendijk says.
C] and l, are respectively the Fermi and Compton wavelengths and the mean free path of the particle responsible by the transport property in water.
Nursing facilities will be moved to limit the mean free path.
where is the mean free path of air molecules, and R is the fiber's radius (Brown, 1993).
Note that the neutron mean free path in para-hydrogen is about 20 cm compared with 1 m or greater in liquid helium.
The analysis depth is proportional to the mean free path of an escaping photoelectron and the sine of the angle between the analyzer input lens axis and the surface of the sample.
the angular distribution of the scattered intensity, the total scattering cross section [Sigma] of the scatterers, the scattering mean free path L, the transport mean free path [L.
To do this we first suppose that we have n scatters per unit of volume and by considering a prism shaped tube having longitudinal size equal to the electron mean free path l, width [l.
This assumption begins to break down for particle diameters several times the gas mean free path when such particles experience "slip" at their surface.
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