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MLUMartin-Luther-Universität (German University)
MLUMajor Leauge Ultimate (frisbee)
MLUMid Life Upgrade
MLUMultiple Logical Unit
MLUMemory Lookup
MLUMean Length of Utterance
MLUMid-Life Update
MLUMirror Lock Up
MLUMid-Life Upgrade
MLUMt. Laurel United (Mt. Laurel, NJ)
MLUMonroe, LA, USA (Airport Code)
MLUMountain Locator Unit (radio transmitter; mountain climbing)
MLUMemory Look-Up
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For example, over the course of language acquisition, maternal mean length of utterances (MLU) directed to the child exceeds that of the child by roughly 2.
The syntactic complexity of maternal utterances was assessed using mean length of utterance (MLU) in morphemes based on all the complete and intelligible utterances produced.
The McCarthy Verbal and Memory, and Mean Length of Utterance, favor the ML group, whereas the TELD and the BLC test favor the DI group.
Table 1 Percentages and Frequencies of the Types of Humor Identified in 22 Instances During Lunchtime Humor Type: Clowning Teasing Jokes Physical Total Play Frequency 12 6 19 8 45 Percentage 55% 27% 86% 36% 204% of Instances Table 2 Psycholinguistic Analysis of the Speech of Katy and Mother SALT Analysis Katy Mother Total Utterances 120 98 Mean Length of Utterance (MLU) in Words 3.
The relation between age and mean length of utterance in morphemes.
89 for the Mean Length of Utterance category, and an F-value of 2.
An important difference was established between the traditional and comparison groups for the Total Utterance and Different Root Word categories, but not for the Mean Length of Utterance category.
PLS-3 = Preschool Language Scale-3 (Zimmerman, Steiner, & Pond, 1992); MLU = mean length of utterance.
exhibited a mean length of utterance (MLU) less than 2 morphemes during interactive play.
Rules for calculating mean length of utterance in morphemes in Spanish.