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TrmrtMean Radiant Temperature
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Mean Radiant Temperature ([degrees]C) Assumed to be the zone air temperature.
The mean radiant temperature comparison between simulated and measured results is shown in Figure 5.
Similarly, we argue that a wind-protected location as an extreme value may have just a slight draft, and therefore the UTCI reference climate wind speed condition was chosen [0.35 m [s.sup.-1] at pedestrian level; see sidebar "UTCI and mean radiant temperature [T.sub.mrt]"].
At present, the use of a heated, anthropomorphic mannequin (taking into account the neonate's shape and regional skin thermal heterogeneity) is the most relevant method for determining the values of heat transfer coefficients, mean radiant temperatures, and clothing thermal insulation, especially in unstable thermal environments [22, 23].
The mean radiant temperature experienced by a person in a room with sunlight streaming in is based on how much of his or her body is under the sunlight.
where [[bar.T].sub.r] is the mean radiant temperature and [a.sub.r] is the radiant fraction.
For optimum energy consumption for heating it is necessary to choose the suitable type of heating system, while considering heating course based on the thermal storage properties of the building [2], Operational temperature was determined as the average of the inner air temperature and mean radiant temperature, whereas the mean radiant temperature was simplified consider by the one as an average temperature of all the internal surfaces of building structures.
where [] is the mean radiant temperature; [] is the temperature of a surface; and [A.sub.n] is the area of a surface.
Mean radiant temperature [t.sub.r,mi] was determined by calculation of the mean radiant temperature measured of black ball for both measured points (Table 1), taking into account that evaluated workplace is a class Stress environment (see equation no.
This temperature is an average between air temperature and mean radiant temperature of the zone.
However, the environmental-dependent subsystem inputs variables are air temperature T., air velocity Vair, mean radiant temperature Tmrt.
controlling both the air temperature and the mean radiant temperature,
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