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MSLMoisture Sensitivity Level
MSLMars Science Laboratory
MSLMean Sea Level
MSLMartin St. Louis (hockey player)
MSLMedical Science Liaison
MSLMaine State Library
MSLMaximum Segment Lifetime
MSLMartha Stewart Living
MSLMedia Services Limited (various locations)
MSLMichael Smith Laboratories (Canada)
MSLMinimum Standard of Living
MSLMicrosoft Licenses
MSLMulti Site License
MSLMicrosoft Learning
MSLMeridian Switch Load
MSLMidstage Access Loss
MSLMagic Scripting Language
MSLMachine Status Link
MSLManaged System List
MSLMaster Symbol List
MSLMulti Single Level
MSLMobile Station Location
MSLMidrange Storage Library
MSLMicrosoft Software Library
MSLMulti-Site License (software contracts)
MSLMexican Sign Language
MSLManning Selvage & Lee (New York, NY)
MSLMicrogravity Science Laboratory
MSLMinimum Stock Level (inventory)
MSLMaterials Science Laboratory
MSLMirrored Server Link
MSLMission and Spacecraft Library (US NASA)
MSLMilitary Shipping Label
MSLMinimum Salary Level (various locations)
MSLMajor Soccer League
MSLMicrosoft Support Lifecycle
MSLMeters above Sea Level
MSLMain Street Landing (Burlington, VT)
MSLMaster of Science in Leadership (various universities)
MSLMeasurement and Standards Laboratories (National Institute of Standards & Technology)
MSLMarket Supply Logistics
MSLMaster Subsidy Lock
MSLMission Simulation
MSLMean Sleep Latency
MSLMechanical System Laboratory (Combat Vehicles Research and Development Establishment; India)
MSLMap Specification Library
MSLMaximum Segment Life (TCP networking)
MSLmIRC Scripting Language
MSLMultiple Security Levels
MSLMaster of Studies in Law Degree
MSLModel Schema Language
MSLMicro Spherical Log (drilling)
MSLModify System Logging
MSLMain Steam Line
MSLMuscle Shoals / Florence / Sheffield, AL, USA - Muscle Shoals (Airport Code)
MSLMidsternal Line
MSLMarine Safety Laboratory (US Coast Guard)
MSLMicro-Strip Line
MSLMinimum Subsistence Level
MSLMaster Station Log
MSLMapping Specialists, Ltd. (Fitchburg, WI)
MSLMaximum Securing Load
MSLMouvement Social Libanais (French)
MSLMBCGame Star League (video game tournament; Korea)
MSLMaintenance Supply Liaison
MSLMy Sweet Love
MSLMercy School of Law (University of Detroit)
MSLMaster Support List
MSLMissouri Synod Lutheran
MSLMinimum Staffing Level
MSLMinimum Spending Level
MSLMid Stage Loss (insertion loss between two stages of an optical amplifier)
MSLMultipoint Service Legs
MSLManagement System Laboratory
MSLMaterial Support List
MSLMedical Staff Line (software from Healthline Systems)
MSLMaster Software Library
MSLMulti Sensory Language
MSLMaritime Security Line
MSLMinesweeper, Launch
MSLMaximum Stress Load
MSLMinimum Sensitivity Level
MSLManaged Service Leads
MSLMicrostereo Lithography
MSLMinimum Sustained Load
MSLMedium Split Lockwasher
MSLMember of the Order of St. Lazarus
MSLMultistation Localization
MSLMust Sell Listings
MSLMerrett Syndicates Ltd
MSLMobile Software Laboratory (DoCoMo)
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Over the period 1993-2010, global mean sea level rise is, with high confidence, consistent with the sum of the observed contributions from ocean thermal expansion, due to warming, from changes in glaciers, the Greenland ice sheet, the Antarctic ice sheet and land water storage.
This is the major reason for the changes in the projected rise in mean sea level.
Yanagi and Akaki (1994) investigated mean sea level variations in the Eastern Asia using observed sea level data of 16 stations from the Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level (PSMSL) during 1950 to 1991.
The same parameters were also monitored continuously at a second meteorological station in Beer Sheva, which is located in the southern Negev region of Israel at a distance of approximately 65 km west of the Dead Sea and an altitude of ~315 m above mean sea level, i.
Figure 1 shows the mean sea level pressure in selected cases for the representative point.
Determining exactly what the geoid is (ie the hypothetical shape of the Earth, coinciding with mean sea level and its imagined extension under or over land areas) provides a reference platform for measuring the altitude of satellites.
Peter Lorton, Northfield THE sign is a benchmark and is shown on Ordnance Maps as an indicator of height in feet above the mean sea level.
Airborne Systems has recently completed a test drop of its Gigafly modified ram-air parachute with an 8165-kg payload from 17,500 ft above mean sea level.
Terrain continuously lower than 5 ft above mean sea level may be flooded inland 8 miles (13 km) or more.
For two centuries, scientists have been trying to determine the exact shape of our planet's geoid, the imaginary surface that's everywhere perpendicular to the downward pull of gravity and coincides with mean sea level.