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MOT[not an acronym] (UK term for a full-body scan medical exam; derived from the Ministry of Transport test car inspection)
MOTManagement of Technology
MOTMinistry of Tourism (various countries)
MOTMinistry of Trade
MOTMoment Of Truth
MOTMethod of Transportation
MOTMinistry of Transportation (Ontario, Canada)
MOTMember of the Tribe (slang for a person of a given persuasion)
MOTMode of Transportation
MOTMethod of Test
MOTMarching on Together (Leeds United fan slogan)
MOTMonth Of Travel
MOTMotorola, Inc. (NYSE stock symbol)
MOTMolecular Orbital Theory
MOTMinistry of Transport (UK)
MOTMuseum of Transportation (various locations)
MOTMaintenance of Traffic (civil engineering)
MOTMinistry of Telecommunications (various locations)
MOTMuseum of Tolerance (Los Angeles, CA)
MOTMother of Twins (blog)
MOTMug of Tea
MOTMultiple Object Tracking (attention task)
MOTMemorandum of Transfer (fee)
MOTMicrosoft Office Trainer
MOTMethod of Transport
MOTMean Operating Time
MOTManaged Object Toolkit
MOTMagneto Optical Trap
MOTMap of Tasmania
MOTMicrosoft Official Trainer (software professional)
MOTMilitary Ocean Terminal
MOTMeans Of Testing
MOTMitsubishi Ore Transport (Japan)
MOTMaintenance, Operations, Transportation (various schools)
MOTMarine & Offshore Technology (various organizations)
MOTMoney on Time
MOTMaximum Operating Temperature
MOTMicrowave Oven Transformer
MOTMasters of Occupational Therapy
MOTMultimedia Object Transfer protocol (ETSI)
MOTModel Option Table (Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories)
MOTMarching on in Time (integral equation solution method)
MOTModel Office Testing
MOTMaterials of Trade
MOTMark On Top
MOTMinot, ND, USA - Minot International Airport (Airport Code)
MOTMother of Toilet Seat (plastic faux mother-of-pearl)
MOTMatters of Testing (UK, quarterly newsletter)
MOTMaximum Operating Time
MOTMaintenance of Transportation
MOTMain Output Transformer (connects a generating station to the power network)
MOTMinistry of Transport of Japan
MOTMean Outage Time
MOTMission Oriented Training
MOTMusculoskeletal Overload Trainer
MOTMaturity Operational Test
MOTMaterial Order Traveler
MOTManufacturing Operation & Tooling
References in classic literature ?
Edmond welcomed the meeting with this fellow -- who had been one of his own sailors -- as a sure means of testing the extent of the change which time had worked in his own appearance.
Vector offers a new means of testing and verifying individual joint integrity, in situ, as the joints are installed.
Since Wynn's original experiments, she has devised other means of testing infants for number knowledge.
The Business Expo provides companies with a means of testing new marketing techniques and products, positioning products, generating sales and sales leads, increasing sales and profits, expanding public relations and reaching qualified buyers one-on-one.
It also notes that this is not an ethical or reliable means of testing software - there are independent testing bodies offering a more effective way of assessing the capabilities of an anti-virus solution.
So, by finding a means of testing for trimethylamine and then measuring this against an index, it is possible to check how long since the fish was caught and thus accurately to predict its future shelf-life.
Developed in Germany as a means of testing the interaction between participants and standards of the particular sports surface, the DIN Standards ensure the presence of such positive characteristics as: Shock Absorption, Vertical Deflection & Area of Deflection, Ball Bounce, Surface Friction and Rolling Load
Serco will deliver 10 sets of equipment over the next 14 months that will provide the German Air Force with a means of testing release units, pylons, launchers and other related equipment in a service bay environment.
Institute) examine police responses to the protest activities of the increasingly transnational global justice movement, partly as a means of testing the models contained in Della Porta and Reiter's earlier Policing Protest (1998).
Tips: With slightly older children you can move on to drawing as a means of testing their memories, but it is as well to leave written words until you are certain they are confident in their ability to write.
To identify the HIV fusion cofactor, Berger's group developed a novel means of testing the importance of many human proteins in the fusion process.
Finding more specimens, preserved in different positions and various environments, would provide a means of testing whether the wings actually extended to the legs or not.