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MTCOMarseilles Telephone Company (Metamora, IL)
MTCOMekong Tourism Coordinating Office (Bangkok, Thailand)
MTCOMean Temperature of the Coldest Month
MTCOMacon Terminal Company (Macon, Georgia)
MTCOMeasure Twice, Cut Once
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.When wallpaparing measure twice, cut once. When you are wallpapering there is nothing worse if you spend ages pasting and get to the bottom of the sheet and it's an inch short!
* Measure Twice, Cut Once. So many marketing and communication channels, so little time and money.
With the motto "measure twice, cut once" in mind, I borrowed my husband's tape measure and twice measured the closet floor where I was planning to install carpet.
Read, "Measure Twice, Cut Once," page 24, and learn how some CIOs, rather than waiting, have developed their own definitions of meaningful use.
Good luck with that and remember to take your time and get it right - measure twice, cut once.
No self-respecting male who had such a patriarch is unfamiliar with dad's boy scout-like mantra of preparation: "Measure twice, cut once!"
Among the best practices for rapid and satisfying firm growth, we found "Measure twice, cut once" is a wise saying that applies.
The September 2005 issue bears a small, but important, omission for which I, the author of "Measure Twice, Cut Once: Creating and Measuring Value in Private Firms," take full responsibility.
It's hard to remove fittings once they're connected, so the adage "measure twice, cut once" applies.
Any good carpenter will tell you: Measure twice, cut once. An architect might put it this way: Think twice, build once.
Remember the carpenter's mantra: measure twice, cut once? It's an adage that respects the value of measurement as a means of using resources and time wisely.