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MOCCMoney Order/Cashier's Check (payment methods)
MOCCMeasurement and Signature Intelligence (MASINT) Operations Coordination Center (US DoD)
MOCCMedical Officer Cadet Course (Singapore)
MOCCMission Operations Control Center
MOCCMaintenance Operations Coordination Center
MOCCMount Olive Correctional Complex (Fayette County, WV)
MOCCMobile Operations Control Center
MOCCMobile Operations Control Center (US Navy mobile rapid deployment system providing C4I support)
MOCCMobile Operations Command Center
MOCCMaintenance Operations Control Center
MOCCMazda Owners Club of California
MOCCMuseum of Contemporary Cinema (Foundation; Madrid, Spain)
MOCCMoscow Cablecom Corporation (stock symbol)
MOCCMelbourne Outrigger Canoe Club (Australia)
MOCCModel of Computation and Communication
MOCCMacomb Oakland Compassion Club (Michigan)
MOCCMandurah Outrigger Canoe Club (Australia)
MOCCMission Operations Command and Control (NASA)
MOCCMidshipman Officer Candidate Course (US DoD)
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The US intelligence community (IC), write the authors, will need to employ new capabilities if it is to meet its consumers' needs: "One such capability is Measurement and Signature Intelligence, or MASINT.
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