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The degree of measurement uncertainty associated with such measurements could affect the risks of material misstatement of the subject matter, including the susceptibility of the subject matter to unintentional or intentional management bias.
Estimating variable considerations and assessing the likelihood of future revenue reversal requires management to make assumptions that cannot be precisely determined, making for a substantial level of measurement uncertainty.
In case the MRL is exceeded or in case analyses carried out have a measurement uncertainty, the precautionary principle is applied, and eggs and egg products are immediately withdrawn from the market.
Two that are becoming increasingly popular due to their effectiveness are Six Sigma and Measurement Uncertainty.
During the process of international organisation for standardisation 15189 accreditation, measurement uncertainty was estimated for 13 clinical chemistry analytes using top-down approach.
The estimated dimensional measurement uncertainty in a processing chain of CMM is a relatively new subject.
Measurement Uncertainty in Forensic Science: A Practical Guide
Contribution of these sources was evaluated and the results turn out that the low-order magnitude of external force and dimension lead to high level FFT smoothing uncertainty and measurement uncertainty, respectively.
Any mis-measurement, or increased measurement uncertainty, due to point-of-sale location or the measurement techniques applied, not only impacts the sales revenue generated by the operator, but also the producing country's government through tax revenue.
After measuring the disc's rotation within an 80 light-year radius - the black hole's sphere of influence - scientists determined, with an unprecedented measurement uncertainty of just 10 percent, that NGC 1332's black hole has a mass 660 million times greater than our sun.
The QuantumX dedicated webinar week starts with 'Minimising the Measurement Uncertainty of your Force Measurement Chain', which will look at what factors impact measurement uncertainty on force measurement chains.
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