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MECCANOMultimedia Education and Conferencing Collaboration over Automated Teller Machine Networks and Others (UK study)
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It's also very special to be able to recognise the site's heritage as home to the first Meccano factory in such a creative way, too.
NUTS ABOUT BOLTS OLTSOL Auction house worker with Meccano model of Glasgow tram
I am receiving a small steam engine, manufactured to my specification, for driving Meccano models.
Meccano was invented in 1901 by Frank Hornby, and is still made using imperial British measurements.
James May and Oz Clarke clearly having a great time as they tackle the Manx TT course on a Meccano motorbike
A huge thank you to the North East Meccano Society for coming to spend the day at the museum and bringing their wonderful creations, it is always a real treat.
I think your Meccano, which isn't orgnaised into sets, is best sold by the bag online.
Sabic provided the material technology, technical expertise and local presence that allowed us to successfully develop and commercialise this breakthrough product for our customers," said Salvador Jalife Lozano, Chief Innovation and Development Officer, Meccano de Mexico.
PERHAPS readers (EU threat of Nissan loss, Your Shout, December 13) should be reminded in about 2003, Renault Nissan was only saved from near bankruptcy by Renault which took a 40% stake (hence leading to the name change Renault Nissan), that the Meccano kits which the Wearside plant produce rely on about 30% of low value parts for its kits from the local area (with 70% of the high value parts imported from Japan), and the Renault-Nissan commitment to the North East is solely contingent on the Government providing investment.
The new forms were developed by Sabic and Meccano de Mexico, a top Mexican construction supply company.
The new corrosion-resistant composite forms were developed by Sabic and Meccano de Mexico, a top Mexican construction supply company, to replace heavy traditional multi-piece steel forms, reducing weight by up to 40 per cent, cutting cycle times from three hours to only a few minutes and helping to reduce overall construction costs for more-affordable housing.