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2014) Comparison between specific lumber mobilization and core-stability exercises with core-stability exercises alone in mechanical low back pain.
The main objective of this study was to compare the effectiveness of specific stabilization exercises with routine physical therapy provided in patients with nonspecific chronic mechanical low back pain.
Demographic and clinical data of patients with fibromyalgia syndrome and mechanical low back pain Fibromyalgia syndrome (n=105) n % Mean [+ or -] SD Age (year) 41.
Most mechanical low back pain is self-limited and resolves within 4 weeks.
By analyzing the clinical histories of 101 patients with confirmed AS and 112 others with mechanical low back pain, Dr.
Background and Objective: Chronic mechanical low back pain is common among different age groups and genders.
Diagnosis: The patient was diagnosed with mechanical low back pain, degenerative disc and joint disease and lateral stenosis from C5 to C7, in addition to his persistent neurologic deficits as a result of his TB, neurosyphilis and HIV.
When the degeneration starts in the intervertebral disc, it could become a source of mechanical low back pain (2).
Physical therapy outcomes for patients receiving worker's compensation following treatment for herniated lumbar disc and mechanical low back pain syndrome.
Lumbar segmental mobility disorders: comparison of two methods for defining abnormal displacement kinematics in a cohort of patients with nonspecific mechanical low back pain.
The inclusion of spondylolysis in the differential diagnosis of mechanical low back pain in adolescents should lead to earlier diagnosis, treatment, and return to desired activities.