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Consults Number of consults Total 4543 Inpatient 2874 Outpatient 1669 Trauma Activation 2055 Urgent/Emergent 503 Foot Fractures 693 Calcaneus 126 Ankle 524 Both Bone Forearm 57 Femur 374 Hip 269 Acetabulum 193 Pelvic Ring 294 Tibia 530 Pilon 59 Humerus 301 Distal Radius 291 Total Urgent/Emergent Consults 503 Open Fractures 382 Traumatic Arthrotomy 58 Septic Joints 50 Compartment Syndrome 13 Table 2: Pearson Correlation analysis of weather parameters versus consult type and mechanism of injury. Statistically significant values are in bold.
Opponent's blow struggle 59 Mechanism of Injury Own blow struggle 35 Other factor 32 Type of Blow Struggle Responsible Immobilization / arm or leg for Injury wrenches / bottlenecks 87 Projection / fall 37 Others 2 Training 88 Situation of Injury Competitions 29 47.00% Mechanism of Injury 28.00% 25.00% Type of Blow Struggle Responsible for Injury 69.05% 29.36% 1.59% 75.20% Situation of Injury 24.80% Table 3.
Non-contact mechanism of injury was noted in the other 27.63% of the athletes (n = 21).
Mechanism of injury was as follows: gunshots in 63 patients (50%), motor vehicle collisions in 21 patients (17%), pedestrian-vehicle collisions in 20 patients (16%), falls in 8 patients, sports injuries in 5 patients and blunt assaults in 3 patients.
(30) Thus, correlating the mechanism of injury and recognizing the subtle signs on CT are crucial to early and accurate diagnosis of pancreatic trauma.
For the total sample, Pearson's chi-square test was used to compare gender, mechanism of injury, and inpatient mortality rates.
The type of injury may provide clues to the mechanism of injury. Epidermal damage secondary to a tangential or crushing force leaves an abrasion, whereas deeper dermal damage results in a contusion.
head injury and fractured femur) Significant mechanism of injury (e.g.
The clinical chapters provide a concise but thorough review of the mechanism of injury, and medical and surgical management.
Number of deaths, crude and age-specific death rates, and total lifetime work-loss costs and medical costs were calculated for fatal injuries by sex, age group, intent (intentional versus unintentional), and mechanism of injury. During 2013, the rate of fatal injury was 61.0 per 100,000 population, with combined medical and work-loss costs exceeding $214 billion.
In this case, the mechanism of injury was considered unusual as it was not an obvious axial trauma (2) nor a crushing injury.
"While George is currently symptom-free, retrospective video review of the second incident identified the mechanism of injury which was previously unsighted on the field of play.