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Mechanomyography (MMG) is a non-invasive technique for determining muscle contractile properties through the detection and analysis of the lateral displacement of a muscle's belly following maximal percutaneous neuromuscular stimulation (PNS)1,2 Although phase-lagged in time, the MMG waveform, depicting the rise and fall of the stimulated muscle's belly, is well correlated to the magnitude of muscle tension developed at least up to 70-80% of a maximal voluntary contraction (MVC).
Mechanomyography, perhaps the current gold standard, is cumbersome, requires a preload and fixation of the arm and is mainly used for research.
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Basada en la experiencia personal de los autores y en la busqueda en PubMed de las siguientes expresiones: <<neuromuscular monitoring / neuromuscular block/degree o muscle relaxation / residual paralysis/adductor pollicis muscle / corrugator supercilii muscle / mechanomyography / acceleromyography / electromyography / fade / twitch stimulation / train of four TOF / train of four ratio / post-tetanic count (PTC) / tetanus / normalization of the TOF/TOF-watch / intubation / guidelines>>.
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