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MW2Modern Warfare 2 (gaming)
MW2Mechwarrior 2 (game)
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The Sims 2 has built-in movie-making tools that not only function to record a game session as a linear movie sequence (much as MechWarrior 2 did some nine years earlier) but are actually a separate tool of the software, independent of the game itself.
MechWarrior 2 and its related add-ons have accounted for more than $70m in sales according to Microsoft.
MECHWARRIOR 2 IT'S an old game, but another that's out on budget for a tenner.
In Mechwarrior 2 on the PC the code for invincibility is BLORB.
It showed several upcoming games at E3 including Paparazzi, MechWarrior 2, and Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure.