MedCACMedicare Evidence Development and Coverage Advisory Committee
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Most of the MEDCAC advisers said that they were not satisfied by the Medicare-population data in the National Lung Screening Trial (NLST).
Rita Red-berg, MEDCAC chair and professor of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco.
The MEDCAC advisers also were not confident that the harms of LDCT screening would be minimized if implemented in the Medicare population.
MedCAC is an advisory committee that reviews and evaluates medical and scientific literature and TAs, examines additional data and information on the effectiveness and appropriateness of items and services under review, and provides independent guidance and expert advice.
MedCAC meets publicly approximately six times a year to review evidence, hear testimony, deliberate about the quality of evidence, vote on questions, and make recommendations.
12, 2006) [hereinafter CMS, MedCAC Referral Guidance].
To examine whether the data used by MedCAC was generalizable to the Medicare population, Mr.
None of the MEDCAC panel members, nor any other clinicians mentioned in this article, had any financial disclosures.
Following the MedCAC meeting and a subsequent meeting with the CMS, Dendreon committed to collecting additional data in the registry.
A majority of the MEDCAC panelists were moderately to highly confident that there is sufficient evidence to determine sensitivity and specificity of CTC in screening for polyps that measure 6 mm to less than 10 mm, and for polyps larger than 10 ram.
MedCAC Chairman Clifford Goodman, a senior vice president with the Lewin Group, noted that the meeting was intended "to help shine a light toward science and new technology that will improve patient outcomes.
The MedCAC panel concluded that "bariatric surgery .