MedPACMedicare Payment Advisory Commission (US government)
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We urge you to withdraw your forthcoming recommendation, which diminishes the important role of specialty medicine in Medicare," alliance members wrote to MedPAC Chairman Francis J.
The proposal, which is slated to be refined a little more before being voted on in a January meeting, continued to receive near consensus support from MedPAC commissioners, but concerns were raised.
MedPAC believes the free-standing emergency rooms may play a useful role in some areas, such as rural areas, Miller said.
MedPAC also raised concerns about Medicare Part D DIR in its 2015 report to Congress.
Thomas said, I think the whole focus for MedPAC is just to really make sure we make good decisions surrounding the Medicare program so that it s sustainable and it s fiscally responsible .
Mary Naylor, PhD, RN, from the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing and a MedPAC member, stated, "I would really wonder whether or not we couldn't create the conditions of participation that say you can't restrict the use of people.
In the past, budget watchers at MedPAC and elsewhere have said that Medicare managers ought to try to save money by ending the practice of paying the private insurers that run Medicare Advantage plans more than Medicare spends to provide care for enrollees in the traditional Medicare program.
And, while providers contend that they lose money on Medicaid and count on higher Medicare payments to close the gap, robbing Peter to pay Paul doesn't fly with politicians and regulators for myriad reasons, including an argument by MedPAC Principal Policy Analyst Carol Carter that using Medicare to subsidize Medicaid would help facilities with many Medicare patients--the facilities that need help the least.
The MedPAC proposal, we believe, will unintentionally undermine the goal of transitioning to new payment models aligned with value," said Shari Erickson, director of regulatory and insurer affairs for the American College of Physicians.
Following the analyses of MedPAC, we expect that most of the additional costs will be associated with rehabilitation and NTAs.
While the Senate bill phases in lower payments over four years, the MedPac recommendation, if adopted, "would give providers no chance of adjusting to these cuts," he said.
MedPAC overwhelmingly supports the creation of a national database to collect information about payments between drug and device manufacturers and physicians.