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MEDBMaui Economic Development Board (Hawaii)
MEDBMycobacterium Extensor Digitorum Brevis
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I have heard that Ailill caught him off guard when he slept with Medb, and stole his sword and gave it to his charioteer to keep.
Oll and Oichne, Big Man and Little Sprout, two foster-sons of Ailill and Medb.
Their production company, Medb Films (pronounced Maeve), occupies the basement of the Royal Harbour Hotel, whose owner is also their business partner.
A rival court at Connaught is ruled by King Ailill and Queen Medb.
With more than twenty years of history in building a balanced economy on Maui, MEDB has acquired the expertise to assist MRTC client companies.
Calamity Jane and Belle Start are, like Medb, "warrior women more significantly than they were maternal models.
Producer Elaine Wickham and director Jan Dunn of Medb Films are on a crusade to change all that.
All basic requirements finally assembled, in place, up and running per Jeanne Skog, MEDB President: "I can't say enough about perseverance.
Cattle Raid of Cooley, The records his single-handed defense of Ulster at the age of 17 against the forces of Medb (Maeve), queen of Connaught.
MEDB manages the programs and services provided at the Maui Research & Technology Center.