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In response, the Central California Alliance for Health (the Alliance), a local Medi-Cal managed care plan that provides health care services for 350,000 adults and children in Santa Cruz, Monterey and Merced counties, is launching a "Be a Flu Fighter" no-cost vaccine campaign this flu season.
Tenders are invited for Medi-Cal Managed Care Geographic Managed Care Expansion Request for Application
We excluded those beneficiaries enrolled in Medicare or Medi-Cal managed care plans, because we did not have complete claims records for these recipients.
Another concern: Patients entering Medi-Cal managed care plans might not have access to a broad network of physicians.
Health Net of California Inc reported on Monday the receipt of an agreement to continue providing Medi-Cal managed care dental benefits to residents in Los Angeles and Sacramento counties.
Medi-Cal managed care plans have access to data on beneficiary race and ethnicity.
Under the two-plan Medi-Cal managed care model, Health Net Community Solutions would serve as the commercial health plan in each of the four counties.
While the ruling affects Medi-Cal recipients who receive their services through the traditional fee-for-service mechanism, it does not cover those in Medi-Cal managed care programs.
The MCCS functionality shall include but not be limited to claims processing services, administrative and medical management services, and managed care encounter service reporting to support the DHS s delegated Medi-Cal managed care service delivery requirements and other DHS healthcare delivery program(s).
Objectives included the following: (1) assessing SPD beneficiaries' baseline knowledge, attitudes, and behavioral intentions about Medi-Cal managed care (MMC); (2) assessing their use of and satisfaction with the guidebook; and (3) evaluating the guidebook's effects on MMC knowledge, attitudes, and intended behaviors.
During the period of 1994-1999, California expanded Medi-Cal managed care from 16 to 50 percent statewide, in part, to improve beneficiaries' access to and quality of ambulatory care (Klein and Donaldson 2002).
The first addresses the effect of Medi-Cal managed care on obstetric service use, which includes (1) the number of prenatal care visits, (2) LOS for labor and delivery, and (3) probability of postpartum readmission.