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Petr Kastovsky, INVEA-TECH LI System Product Manager, presented the product as follows: “We have integrated the two traditional parts - the probe and the mediation device into one single unit - the INVEA-TECH Lawful Interception Tactical Unit.
This contract covers the development and management of a mediation device agents in the town of Courbevoie having as objectives - Social mediation,- The business day before- Tracking and reporting to the relevant departments malfunctions generating a real and immediate risk to public safety.
the opening of the chapel to the public aims to: - first of all propose historical and heritage mediation devices of this landmark emblem of the toulouse landscape, and will be able to accommodate various configurations, such as: - simple exhibitions of paintings, panels or photos - exhibitions of contemporary monumental works that can be hung up, with sound.
ClickPress, Fri Sep 26 2014] Lawful Interception Market by Network Technologies and Devices ( VOIP, LTE, WLAN, WIMAX, DSL, PSTN, ISDN, CDMA, GSM, GPRS, Mediation Devices, Routers, Management Servers); Communication Content; End Users - Global Advancement, Worldwide Forecast & Analysis (2014-2019)
the introduction of mediation devices and multimedia information , that they are linear or interactive, participates in the diversity of supply Museum of Arts, with the particular wish; s go to all museum audiences, whatever their level of familiarity and practice of digital tools, geographic origin, age, language, etc.
According to the company, Alcatel-Lucent's IMS-ready NGN solution selected by Kazakhtelecom includes softswitches, media gateways, media servers, and mediation devices.
The Finnish company Comptel Plc, a mediation devices provider for the telecom industry, is expanding its international distribution network and establishing a US subsidiary.