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5th DCA 1992), and to the Mediator Ethics Advisory Committee [hereinafter "MEAC"] Opinion 2004-06.
If a member of the MQDRB, the ADR Rules and Policy Committee, the Mediator Ethics Advisory Committee, the Mediator Training Review Board, or any supreme court committee related to alternative dispute resolution processes established in the future, is disciplined, suspended, or decertified, the DRC shall immediately remove that member from the committee or board on which the member serves.
The Mediator Ethics Advisory Committee shall provide written advisory opinions to mediators subject to these rules in response to ethical questions arising from the Standards of Professional Conduct.
The Mediator Ethics Advisory Committee shall be composed of 9 members, 3 from each geographic division served by the Mediator Qualifications Board.
The Mediator Ethics Advisory Committee was formerly the Mediator Qualifications Advisory Panel.
For that sum, the DRC puts on an annual conference and provides staff assistance to four Supreme Court committees: Supreme Court Committee on ADR Rules and Policy, Mediator Ethics Advisory Committee, Mediator Qualifications Board, and the Mediation Training Review Board.
8) Additionally, the Mediator Ethics Advisory Committee (MEAC), a standing committee of the Supreme Court of Florida, continues to respond to written ethical questions posed by mediators subject to the Florida Rules for Certified and Court-appointed Mediators.
48) Examples of clear conflicts identified by the Mediator Ethics Advisory Committee include a father serving as mediator for a case his daughter-lawyer is handling, (49) and a lawyer-mediator mediating a case for a third-party administrator with whom he has a legal relationship.
68) The Mediator Ethics Advisory Committee has advised mediators who are subpoenaed to "either file a motion for a protective order, or notify the judge .
78) The Mediator Ethics Advisory Committee advises mediators not to accept a case where the judge's referring order states that the mediator will report the conduct of a party who failed to mediate in good faith, as the mediator is prohibited from doing so.
9) Mediators address their questions to Mediator Ethics Advisory Committee, c/o Florida Dispute Resolution Center, Supreme Court Building, Tallahassee, FL 32399.
Bar Ethics Counsel Elizabeth Tarbert said the Supreme Court's Mediator Ethics Advisory Committee is looking at the issue, and it should have a recommendation by the PEC's January meeting.