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MEEMiddle East Electricity (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
MEEMassive Extinction Event
MEEManagement Execution Environment
MEEMobile Equipment Errors
MEEMiddle Ear Effusion
MEEMultistate Essay Exam (National Conference of Bar Examiners)
MEEMedical Education England (advisory board; UK; est. 2009)
MEEMigration-Enhanced Epitaxy
MEEMaster of Electrical Engineering
MEEMere Exposure Effect (psychology)
MEEMise En Etat (French)
MEEMission-Essential Equipment
MEEMechanical Engineering Education (various organizations)
MEEMobile Experience Engine (Mobile Digital Commons Network)
MEEMinimum Essential Equipment
MEEMethyl Ester Ethoxylate
MEEMaintenance Engineering Evaluation
MEEMachinery, Electrical and Electronic (industries)
MEEMagyar Elektrotechnikai Egyesulet (Hungary)
MEEMask Error Enhancement
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Developing students' clinical skills through SimMan is part of the national programme Modernising Pharmacy Careers (MPC), supported by the Department of Health and Medical Education England (MEE).
Health Secretary Andrew Lansley has asked Medical Education England - an organisation which advises the NHS on education and training matters - to consider with the profession, the service and medical Royal Colleges, how best to get the right level of supervision for trainees through greater consultant involvement.
A review of doctor training ordered by the Government quango Medical Education England (MEE) found trainees are often handling cases that go beyond their expertise.
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