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MIOMarion (Amtrak station code; Marion, WI)
MIOMillion (German)
MIOMade in Oklahoma (food manufacturers coalition)
MIOMedical Information Officer
MIOManaged Input Output
MIOMemory Input Output
MIOMulti Function Input Output
MIOMask Input Output
MIOMaritime Interdiction Operations
MIOMicaceous Iron Oxide
MIOMusic Industry Online (music magazine; South Africa)
MIOModular Input/Output (Hewlett Packard)
MIOMultiple Input-Output
MIOMedical Incident Officer (UK)
MIOMemory Input/Output
MIOMutsu Institute for Oceanography
MIOManagement Information Office
MIOMarine Inspection Office (US Coast Guard)
MIOMulti-Item Optimization (inventory planning)
MIOMobile Issuing Office (US Navy)
MIOMaximal Incisal Opening
MIOManagement Integration Office
MIOMaritime Intercept Operation
MIOMarine Interdiction Operations
MIOMedical Intelligence Office
MIOMinimal Identifiable Odor
MIOMinimally Invasive Osteosynthesis
MIOMaterial Integration Office
MIOMulti-Image Overcast (robotic flaw detection algorithm)
MIOMajor Improvement Opportunities
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The disaster doctor - known as a medical incident officer - was sent to Worcestershire Royal Hospital because of "unacceptable" delays at the overwhelmed A&E.
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