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The packet contains court documents and materials, including the complaint; deposition transcripts and summaries from the treating pediatrician, neonatologist, nurse practitioners, and the injured infant's parents; national clinical practice guideline summaries; ATLA Education speaker papers; TRIAL articles; a PubMed journal survey; a list of Internet resources; a bibliography of journal articles and treatises; a medical glossary; and medical illustrations from The Doe Report, an online library of medical demonstrative evidence published by ATLA Extras member Medical Legal Art.
Medical Legal Art (MLA), an Atlanta-based medical demonstrative evidence firm, aims to change that perception.
Medical Legal Art has a two-part system to make medical animations for lawyers to use during mediation, settlement and trial.
At this stage your budget might warrant a larger investment in either a customized stock exhibit from The Doe Report or a full Custom Medical Demonstrative Evidence exhibit from Medical Legal Art.
Recommended resources: The Doe Report and/or Medical Legal Art Custom
Recommended MDE resources: The Doe Report and/or Medical Legal Art Custom Approximate Cost: $99-$1050 per exhibit
In such cases, a call to Medical Legal Art at 1-800 338 5954 lets you speak to a highly trained Medical Visual Advisor who can revise an exhibit from The Doe Report to meet your needs, or who can design Custom MDE based specifically on your case facts.
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