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MEDMODMedical Module
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The medical module includes a stretcher with dedicated lighting, a three-bottle oxygen supply, and monitoring and analysis equipment.
A well-designed medical module will help users provide enough information for a sound audit.
A medical module will provide a record for each medication, showing the time of day for dispensing and the correct dosage.
The medical module will record treatments with the following:
Once a treatment has been completed, the medical module may include provision for scheduling follow-up visits by the camper following treatment.
The medical module can provide a health center log for manual entries, such as a missed medication, as well as automatic entries--provided by the system--for each treatment, follow-up visit, or change in medication.
A well-designed medical module will provide some flexibility of data "ownership," assigning some fields for office access and others for exclusive access by medical staff.
The flying hospital is rigged with modern equipment and special medical modules, ventilators and cardiac monitors allowing providing medical care aboard.
Contract notice: Medical modules for field hospitals.
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