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MPBVMedical Practitioners Board of Victoria (Australia)
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Summary: Medical Practitioners Board of Victoria ordered Dr John Piesse be counselled in 2004 for failing to 'make appropriate investigations of patient symptoms'
This information was referred to the Medical Practitioners Board of Victoria, which in August 2004 ordered that Piesse be reprimanded, counselled, repay Medicare benefits totalling $18,179 (Dh66,772), and be disqualified for 18 months from providing certain GP services to patients.
24) The Victorian Doctors' Health Program as established in 2001 was unique for Australia in several ways, including funding by the entire profession via annual renewal of registration (licence) fees, co-ownership by the then Medical Practitioners Board of Victoria (MPBV) and the Victorian Branch of the AMA, employing salaried medical and other professional staff, and entering into a memorandum of understanding with MPBV covering a range of matters but in particular the obligation to notify the MPBV where any participant in the program met the legislative provisions for mandatory reporting.
De Campo, who served as head of the hospital for three years, had made the decision to suspend three doctors involved in the abortion and to refer them to the Medical Practitioners Board of Victoria.
Although the doctors have regained full clinical privileges at Royal Women's Hospital, hospital officials referred the case to the coroner and the Medical Practitioners Board of Victoria for investigation.
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