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MEDRETEMedical Readiness Training Exercise
MEDRETEMedical Readiness Education and Training Exercises
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Barrera was one of 36 patients to have cataract surgery performed by a visiting ophthalmology Medical Readiness Training Exercise (MEDRETE) team, comprised of 26 U.
The task force also partners with each nation's ministry of health to coordinate medical services in the form of medical readiness training exercises, which give local people access to medical treatment and allow providers to practice medicine in austere conditions.
Medical readiness training exercises provide a win-win situation.
We support JTF-B and USSOUTHCOM throughout their area of focus--the Caribbean and Latin America--usually through medical readiness training exercises or medical readiness exercises.
Each year, JTF-B hosts approximately 25 medical readiness training exercises (MEDRETEs) in Central America.
In fiscal year 2001, USSOUTHCOM will sponsor over seventy medical readiness training exercises (Medretes) in thirteen countries.
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