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Sixteen percent of the symptoms were determined to have an organic origin, 10% had a psychologic origin, leaving 74% as unknown or medically unexplained symptoms (MUS).
Estimating the prevalence of medically unexplained symptoms from primary care records.
Anxiety and depression predicted by medically unexplained symptoms in Pakistani Children: A case-control study.
Personality and affect as determinants of medically unexplained symptoms in primary care: A follow-up study.
Gulf War illness is widely used and is more accurate than other terms used over the years for the same problems, including Gulf War syndrome, chronic multisystem illness, unexplained illness, medically unexplained symptoms, and medically unexplained physical symptoms, the report stated.
Nazish Imran presented her research paper of emotional problems in Pakistani children being predicted by medically unexplained symptoms.
In the case of medically unexplained symptoms, be clear about what degree of investigation can reasonably be expected and try to avoid conflict about this.
1) There are varying reports of the prevalence of such cases, ranging from [less than or equal to] 10% when stringent definitions of medically unexplained symptoms are used (2) to as high as 40% to 60% of visits.
Another problem with previous DSMs is that the focus for these conditions was on medically unexplained symptoms, Dr.
Another problem with the old versions of the DSM is that the focus for these conditions was on medically unexplained symptoms, Dr.
7] and medically unexplained symptoms in emergency department patients.
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