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MDFBMissouri Development Finance Board
MDFBMedium Density Fiber Board
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In addition to manufacturing decorative laminates, the unit is also engaged in trading Medium Density Fiber board (MDF) and chipboards imported from Malaysia, Thailand and other sources.
Ask for the Country Specific Data: Urea formaldehyde resins are gaining significance as easily available, time-effective curing resins for varied applications in the wood industry, apart from being sought-after wood adhesives for fibrous boards, medium density fiber boards, particleboards, and granular boards.
The new facility will feature a wide range of building materials that include plywood, timber, medium density fiber boards, steel, sanitary, hardware, gypsum tiles & boards, laminates, doors, wall-panels, flooring, veneer and aluminum composite panels.
They are being widely used in the wood industry for manufacturing particleboards, fibrous boards, medium density fiber boards, and granular boards.
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