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MED-FIMedium Fidelity
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Incorporating medium fidelity simulation in a practical nurse education program.
Thus, with this in mind and in addition to findings from the literature review, we designed a medium fidelity SLE using full-size, life-like manikins connected to a Laerdal SimPadTM.
The video portrayed three volunteer nursing students participating in a medium fidelity manikin SLE for the first time.
The nursing academics each verbalised they would be interested in adopting the medium fidelity manikin SLE in their teaching.
The current study was conducted to assess the effectiveness of medium fidelity simulator in teaching normal vaginal delivery to medical students.
Group A comprised controls who were taught normal delivery through PowerPoint interactive lecture, while the experimental group B was taught normal delivery on medium fidelity simulator.
Examining the impact of high and medium fidelity simulation experiences on nursing students' knowledge acquisition.
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