MEEIMassachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary
MEEIMaster in Engineering, Entrepreneurship and Innovation (degree program)
MEEIMagyar Elektrotechnikai Ellenorzo Intézet (Hungarian Institute for Testing Electrical Equipment)
MEEIManufacturing Engineering Equipment Instruction
MEEIMinistry of Economy and European Integration (of the Ukraine; World Bank)
MEEIMar Elias Educational Institution (Galilee, Israel)
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The MEEI program was established to provide engineers and scientists with the skills necessary to transform technical expertise into commercial success.
8 A helpful discussion of the use of the plural suffix meei in Ming texts is found in Leu Shushiang 1985:57-59
Meei Meei, 20, has known what she really, really wants ever since she began working in Malayan racing stables three years ago.
Korea currently looms largest for Chia Meei as a market for non-orange juice concentrate, representing 70% of export sales.
He did not keep his follow-up appointments at MEEI until after his cough returned 2.
Approvals cannot be given till all documentation on the rigs, as requested by the MEEI, is provided by RRDSL.
collectively referred to as MEEI ) has agreed to pay the U.
In late October 1 had the privilege of visiting the Department of Otolaryngology at MEEI, which is headed by Joseph B.
Phone: (617) 573-4100; fax: (617) 5734131; e-mail: aniel_deschler@ meei.