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Lai's last show at Modern Art, "Free to Meet for Coffee Sometime Soon," offered a positive image of shared experience, commonality, and discursive engagement while remaining critical of any easy mapping of such activity onto broader models of social and political action; Untitled (smokes) maintains this complexity in its understated treatment of the conflicting prospects of contact and compromise held out to the individual through this shareable pleasure/poison.
There are six of us in total who swim and meet for coffee afterwards and each year we all get together and go out for Christmas lunch.
Sure, they meet for coffee, dinner, parties, get- togethers, outings, etc, but they usually catch up in private while seeing each other off at airports.
Let's enjoy instead an outing to the shops and through town, and let's meet for coffee at friends' houses," a statement said.
He was reported missing by Miss Collins' mother who he was due to meet for coffee.
The latest news from that blog is that the regulars are planning to meet for coffee soon.
Helly and I have a perfectly good relationship, we regularly meet for coffee, we're close mates,' said Tony, adding she continues to help him run his affairs and lets herself in and out of his house.
These dinosaurs laugh, rollerblade, play guitar and meet for coffee to discuss movies.
A few years later I dealt with DSG again, this time as a client while at Roland Smiths, and eventually, after returning to Clerical Medical, I had a call from Les asking to meet for coffee," Roy revealed.
Over the next few weeks Franklin and I meet for coffee, go to poetry readings, play pool, and take in movies.
Butt has returned to Vancouver from shooting the second season of Corner Gas and has agreed to meet for coffee at a downtown hotel.