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Communication within the Rack is by 20-MHz VME-Bus at 15 megabits/sec.
5 megabits/sec or greater and advanced video codecs delivering good quality video at 500kbits/s, each one of these households is broadband video-enabled.
Front-end hardware can acquire 8 PCM telemetry data streams with a maximum data rate of 20 megabits/sec.
Telia International Carrier is to provide network capacity with speeds ranging from 34 Megabits/sec to 10 Gigabits/sec.
With Throughput of 43 Megabits/Sec On Standard 1-GHz PC
5 Megabits/sec using new Universal Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line (UADSL) modem technology in 1999; -- and 24-hour, seven-day-a-week technical support.
The ESS-2000 supports up to 32 simultaneous, full-duplex connections, delivering 800 megabits/sec transmit and 800 megabits/sec receive for a total bandwidth of 25.