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Born in Germany as Kim Schmitz, Dotcom founded Megaupload in 2005.
Dotcom's lawyers have argued in previous court cases that copyright infringement is not a criminal offense in New Zealand and that there was not enough evidence that Dotcom and other Megaupload executives conspired to commit a crime.
See, e.g., Nick Perry, Popular File-Sharing Website Megaupload Shut Down, USA today, tech/news/story/2012-01-19/megaupload-feds-shutdown/52678528/l (describing the shutdown of popular file sharing website MegaUpload).
(40) This is the analysis for a ".com" website (the location of which is in the United States), and it is the analysis that the court has undertaken in the Megaupload trial.
Radio New Zealand reported that Judge Nevin Dawson ruled there was an "overwhelming preponderance" of evidence against the men that the now defunct Megaupload site had aided and abetted users who uploaded pirated files by paying them rewards.
Dotcom (who was born Kim Schmitz), right, and the other founders of the infamous Megaupload file-sharing site, which closed in 2013, have appeared in court in New Zealand at the beginning of a hearing to determine if they will be sent to face charges of copyright violation brought by the FBI.
Aparte de ese supuesto delito, anadia: "Tambien podria robarle un bolso a una vieja, mearse en la calle, robar un libro en el Corte Ingles, presidir el Instituto Noos, bajarse musica de Megaupload, montar un Megaupload...".
In 2011, the United States prosecuted the operators of NinjaVideo, a site collecting links to copyright-infringing files stored on a popular cyberlocker named Megaupload. (195) After the NinjaVideo prosecution ended in a series of plea deals, (196) the next step was logical: go after Megaupload, then the "13th most frequently visited website on the entire Internet." (197) In 2012, the company was indicted in the Eastern District of Virginia, where it rented servers, for aiding and abetting criminal copyright infringement.
If you bought a ticket for the theatrical release of a film and asked if it was ethical to rip it off a site like Megaupload for home use, I'd say no.
Kim Dotcom, controversial founder of file-sharing site Megaupload,
on racketeering charges over his now-shuttered file-sharing site Megaupload. He can't run for office because he's not a New Zealand citizen, but he has poured more than 3 million New Zealand dollars ($2.44 million) into a small party that is on target to win two or three of the 120 seats in the Parliament when the nation goes to the polls Saturday.