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El plan expuesto en Mein Kampf era aplastar primero a Rusia, con la intencion velada de aplastar despues a Inglaterra.
To find it was written by Hitler not only demonstrates that he was a conniving political operator with a masterful understanding of political processes and narratives before he drafted what's regarded as his first autobiography, Mein Kampf, but also challenges the accepted view that at this stage in his life he did not see himself as the man to lead the German revolution.
In Mein Kampf, it knew it had something, but not quite what.
Mein Kampf, German for "my struggle," was written by Hitler when he was in his mid-30s and serving jail time for high treason against Germany.
De hecho, como bien documenta el historiador Caesar Aronsfeld, Mein Kampf podia conseguirse en anticuarios, en el entendido de que quien lo buscara lo hacia estrictamente para documentarse sobre el nacionalsocialismo.
Until the year 1945, some 12 million copies of Mein Kampf had been sold also in different languages.
When Hitler became German leader he was exempt from tax and ordered his book Mein Kampf - My Struggle - to be given free to every newlywed couple.
6 SALES of Adolf Hitler's anti-Semitic rant Mein Kampf are surging and it's all down to new technology.
One of the darkest works in European writings is Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf.
In Erbil, the capital city of Iraqi Kurdistan Region, many bookstores and newsstands have copies of Hitler's book Mein Kampf (My Struggle) for sale.
Virgin Megastores said in a statement that individual stores chose the books promoted on recommended reading shelves, but said Mein Kampf had been removed from the section.