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MEISMedium Energy Ion Scattering
MEISMiddle Eastern and Islamic Studies (academics)
MEISMobile and Embedded Interactive Systems (workshop)
MEISMobility Enterprise Information Services (software)
MEISMedium Energy Ion Spectroscopy
MEISMedium Energy Ion Source (UK)
MEISMilitary Entomology Information Service
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But, Meis already has his hopes set on something potentially being released after the stadium is built.
Meis says the expectancy of owners is that new builds will be able to house more than just football as clubs look to find other revenue streams.
Dr Meis, the Dutch researcher, said he believed that drug-resistant fungi were developing thanks to heavy use of fungicides on crops.
Currently, maximum incentives are cornered by big automobile and pharmaceutical companies under MEIS. In this scheme, the government provides duty benefits depending on product and country.
New Delhi [India], Dec 28 ( ANI ): Central Government on Friday increased the export incentives granted for Onions under the Merchandise Exports from India Scheme (MEIS) from existing five per cent to 10 per cent.
Rewards under the scheme are payable as percentage of realised free-on-board value and MEIS duty credit scrip can be transferred or used for payment of a number of duties, including the basic customs duty.
The lawsuit also alleges that Compass then gave Meis instructions on how to persuade property owners to dump Modern Spaces and hire Compass for their exclusive listings.
Curators and staff were ceremoniously thanked and acknowledged for their collaborative work to finally bring MEIS to the public.
As variaveis relacionadas a sustentabilidade, contemplando as acoes e percepcoes dos MEIs referentes as dimensoes social, ambiental e economica, foram medidas por meio de uma escala de tres pontos (Nao, Em parte e Sim), assumida nessa pesquisa como escala intervalar.
Meis and Riley had appeared on ABC's Emmy-winning business reality show Shark Tank in May 2013, and their subscriptions nearly tripled to more than 1,900.
The 10-year-old feud began when Meis al-Jabal residents asked to move the village's limits to the bottom of the Saluki Valley to include 4,000 square km of the Doubeih farm, which belongs to Shaqra, and tried to stop obligatory real estate surveys.