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MCAMMelanoma Cell Adhesion Molecule
MCAMMultimedia Content Analysis and Mining (workshop)
MCAMMills College Art Museum (Oakland, CA)
MCAMMechanical Contractors Association of Manitoba (Canada)
MCAMMuslim Consumer Association of Malaysia (est. 1997)
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+ IC 2005 c-Met IC 2007 VEGF-A and IC 2007 MMP-9 E-cadherin + IC 2008 VE-cadherin + Hifl[alpha] MCAM IC 2009 (=MUC18/Mel- Cam/CD146)[PHI] HSP-27 MS IC WB 2010 Vimentin MS IC WB 2010 SCF[PHI] IC 2011 c-Kit[PHI] IC 2011 LZTS1 + IC 2011 [beta]-catenin MS: mass spectrometry, IHC: Immunohistochemistry, WB: western blotting, Mono.: monosomy, [PHI]: prognostic marker, MIA: melanoma inhibitory activity, NSB1: Nijmegen breakage syndrome 1, MCAM: melanoma cell adhesion molecule, HSP-27: heat shock protein 27, SCF: stem cell factor, LZTS1: leucine-zipper tumor suppressor 1, VEGF-A: vascular endothelial growth factor, MMP-9: matrix metalloproteinase 9, VE: vascular endothelial, Hif1[alpha]: hypoxia-inducible factor 1 [alpha].
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