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A technique that is very useful in assisting stroke patients in regaining some functional language is melodic intonation therapy (MIT).
Thompson, "Augmenting melodic intonation therapy with non-invasive brain stimulation to treat impaired left-hemisphere function: two case studies," Frontiers in Psychology, vol.
Neurobiological, cognitive, and emotional mechanisms in melodic intonation therapy. Front Hum Neurosci.
Wilson S, Parsons K, Reutens D, 2006, Preserved Singing in Aphasia: A Case Study of the Efficacy of melodic intonation therapy. Music Perception.
"We developed AMMT, in part, because another intonation-based therapy, known as Melodic Intonation Therapy, had been successful in helping stroke patients with aphasia recover their ability to speak," Gottfried Schlaug, senior author of the study, said.
Modifying melodic intonation therapy programs for adults with severe non-fluent aphasia.
The second is a technique called melodic intonation therapy. The aim is to help patients with damage to the speaking center of the brain.
Examples include (1) the Language Oriented Treatment (Shewan & Bandur, 1982) protocol, where the language behavior of individuals with non-fluent or Broca's aphasia is cued with the initial phoneme of the target word; (2) direct stimulus-response treatment (Wertz, Collins, Weiss, et al., 1981; Wertz, Weiss, Aten, et al., 1986), where individuals with aphasia are asked to complete a highly associative open-ended sentence about activities of daily living (e.g., "You wash your hands with soap and --"); and (3) Melodic Intonation Therapy (MIT) (Albert, Sparks, & Helm, 1973).
Melodic Intonation Therapy - which involves speaking in a musical manner - can help stroke victims recover from language disorders and even help them learn to walk again.
Scientists have learned that patients with verbal dyspraxia benefit most from a new technique called melodic intonation therapy. Although these patients cannot coordinate their lips and tongue in the precise movements required for speech, they often have no difficulty singing.
Melodic intonation therapy (MIT), a form of speech therapy that was developed already in the 1970s, combines melodic intonation and rhythmic hand tapping with the objective to activate homologous language-capable regions in the right hemisphere [14, 22].
Melodic Intonation Therapy is used to develop speech in those with aphasia and apraxia.