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A low-viscosity resin (with a high melt index) may be able to handle a high-structured carbon black to obtain a desired melt flow rate of the compound.
This is because when the injection pressure, melt flow rate, melt filling pattern change, due to 2, 5 and 8 position in the melt peak, with little change in the melt flow, so the small volume resistivity variation, and 1, 3, 7 and 9 position on both sides of the melt peak and 1, 3 position in near the gate, 7, 9 position in far from the gate.
The process can handle high operating pressures up to 2000 psi because of the robust spinnerette built, which enables it to spin a wide variety of resins with melt flow rate ranging between 5-2500 grams per 10 minutes and operate at lower temperatures that would result in more flexibility and higher energy cost savings.
The Consista[R] catalyst enables faster cycle times by increasing melt flow rates, while its broader molecular weight distribution improves the mechanical and processing attributes for a variety of applications.
4 DTUL @ 66 psi ASTM [degrees]F 201 207 DTUL @ 264 psi ASTM [degrees]F 176 190 Vicat Softening Temp ASTM [degrees]F 208 219 Melt Flow Rate ASTM g/10 min 5.
The high melt flow rate of 80R90CD clarified PP reduces maximum molding pressure, allowing lower-tonnage machines to be used and contributing to longer tool life and reduced maintenance.
Its high melt flow rate improves cycle time by up to 20% when compared to similar materials at the same temperatures and clamping force.
In addition, the melt flow rate, when it enters the runner system of a high-production vertically-parted molding system, must be increased to fill the casting cavities.
MD6951 is the newest polymer in this family and has 34% total polystyrene content coupled with exceptional high melt flow rate, as shown in table 1.
A recent example is bioreactor-packing pieces where Axion's team achieved the precise melt flow rate to rapidly fill a complicated 24-up injection moulding tool.
Assuming the die was balanced behind the exit to produce a uniform profile at 50 lb/hr of PP with a melt flow rate of 5 g/10 min, changing output to 100 lb/hr distorted the profile as shown in Fig.