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Data segment is extended with new memory locations. Executable file is assembled for each core from the matching program code.
Secondly, waiting for a memory location in OCM that is used as a semaphore flag to be set.
The analysis of ready statements and memory locations calculates for every program point the set of statements and memory locations that are ready at that point in the sense of Definition 1.
Forcing the controller to overcompensate is a matter of writing certain data to the appropriate memory locations that trigger such an event.
Another pleasing feature of our algorithm is that, if a sequence can be served with zero stall time, we obtain a schedule that has no stall either and uses at most D - 1 extra memory locations in cache.
For analysis purposes, we characterize such a projective memory allocation function [[Pi].sub.[Y], by its null space:(3) two points [z.sub.1], [z.sub.2] [element of] [D.sub.Y] are mapped to the same memory location if and only if [[Pi].sub.Y][z.sub.1] = [[Pi].sub.Y][z.sub.2], i.e., ([z.sub.1] - [z.sub.2]) [element of] Ker([[Pi].sub.Y]).
The program first uses a load-linked instruction to load the original value from the memory location into a register.
While high memory bandwidth is part of the approach (the performance goal is one load or store per clock cycle per processor, regardless of memory location), several other mechanism are employed.
In the UMA model, the physical memory is uniformly shared by all processors (Figure 1(a)) and all processors have equal access time to every memory location. In a NUMA model, shown in Figure 1(b), each processor is physically associated with a fraction of the globally shared memory address space; thus the memory access time varies with the location of the memory word.
Unlike our post office boxes, computers use binary numbers to identify memory locations. Thus, if a computer could only use 1 digit (bit) to identify a memory location, it could address only 2 bytes of memory: zero and one.
Some of today's software allows the user to print a report to disk, select the font, defer the printout to a specific time, choose among multiple printers or spool (place the data in a special memory location) to a network.
The PLM4 page table is in a fixed memory location, so no "fancy" tricks are needed to utilize the Meltdown attack.